October 23, 2017

DeClutter & Organize

Fall is a great time to get your home ready for the holidays by decluttering and organizing. It also creates harmony in your life and mind. Here are few pointers to get you started:

• Store items where you use them
• Lid-off policy –don’t use lids on your containers, one less step declutter concept on napkin
• When purchasing containers – the simpler, the better
• When choosing a container ask yourself, “does it do what I need it to?”
• Use existing boxes and bins you have to see if a specific organization system will work before buying final product
• Decide to donate, recycle, sell or throw away an item if:
–you haven’t used in over 1 year
–it cannot be repaired or you haven’t repaired in over a year
–if it creates a negative memory for you or reminds you of a sad time
–do not bring you joy
• Keep reading material that are 3 months old or newer
• Paper system includes: Action, Archive, and Reference
• Have one spot for incoming mail and an exit strategy for paper
• File cabinets or portable file containers should be located within reach of where the paper is being dealt with.
• When labeling paper files, choose the name with retrieval in mind, not storage
• Use a color coded paper system for filing
• When sorting papers, do not stop to read or take action–save that for after the organizing is done
• A foot-high stack of papers takes 1 hour to go through

Good luck and remember:

Less Stuff Means….
• less to clean
• less to organize
• less to store
• less mess